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    Mayuki and I joined the company at the same time. She's getting better and better, while I'm always stuck in the same place. But fortunately, even though my career was not going well, I was able to get married. I've had a lot of work these past few days. I couldn't go home last night and worked overnight at the company, and of course I haven't showered yet. As of today, I will try to finish before the last train to return to my wife. Since this was Mayuki's project, she also came to help me complete it. But she finished it and I was still struggling. By the time I finished, I was already late for the last train. I can't take a shower today. Don't you even take a shower? It's so stinky. My house is nearby. Come to my house to take a shower. Because my body smelled bad, I had to go take a bath at Mayuki's house. On the way we chatted happily together, because we were in the same company so we were quite close. When they arrived at her house, Mayuki immediately changed into a fairly comfortable outfit. The short pants exposed her big buttocks, and the shirt made the top of her huge breasts provocative in front of me. My penis quickly swelled up. Just today I can't believe my ears. She agreed to let me make love to my heart's content tonight! And we immediately rushed into each other, continuously making love all night until the next morning, still having another round before going to work. Even though I really wanted it, I didn't dare ask. But when I saw her giving me more documents so I had to work overtime overnight, I knew our relationship could still continue.